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Georgios Vizyinos

Greek short story writer and poet

1849   -   1896

country of citizenship: Greece
language of expression: Modern Greek
educated at: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, University of Göttingen, Leipzig University
occupation: writer, playwright, novelist, poet

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Georgios Vizyinos (Greek: Γεώργιος Βιζυηνός, March 8, 1849 - April 15, 1896) was a Greek short story writer and poet. He is considered highly influential in Greek literature.
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Ποίος ήτον ο φονεύς του αδελφού μου

διήγημα του Γεώργιου Βιζυηνού

author: Georgios Vizyinos

Το αμάρτημα της μητρός μου

διήγημα του συγγραφέα Γεωργίου Βιζυηνού του 1883

author: Georgios Vizyinos


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