N'Heures Souris Rames

date of publication:  1980
genre:  humour
original title:  N'Heures Souris Rames
language:  English

N'Heures Souris Rames (Nursery Rhymes) is a book of homophonic translations from English to French, published in 1980 by Ormonde de Kay. It contains some forty nursery rhymes, among which are Coucou doux de Ledoux (Cock-A-Doodle-Doo), Signe, garçon. Neuf Sikhs se pansent (Sing a Song of Sixpence) and Hâte, carrosse bonzes (Hot Cross Buns). Below is de Kay's Georgie Porgie in the original English with the translation into French: Each poem is accompanied by a series of footnotes, ostensibly explaining obscure terms and references in the French, which parody the scholarly footnotes of philological texts. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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