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Chico Buarque

Brazilian singer-songwriter

1944   -  

genre: música popular brasileira, bossa nova, samba, choro
country of citizenship: Brazil
native language: Portuguese
language of expression: Portuguese
educated at: Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo
occupation: singer, composer, poet, writer, playwright, jazz musician, guitarist, novelist, actor, recording artist
award received: Prêmio São Paulo de Literatura, Latin Grammy Award for Best MPB Album, Latin Grammy Award for Best Portuguese Language Song, Ordem do Mérito Cultural, Camões Prize, José María Arguedas Prize, Commander of the Order of Prince Henry

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Francisco Buarque de Hollanda (born 1944), popularly known simply as Chico Buarque, is a Brazilian singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer, playwright, writer, and poet. He is best known for his music, which often includes social, economic, and cultural reflections on Brazil. The firstborn son of Sérgio Buarque de Hollanda, Buarque lived at several locations throughout his childhood, though mostly in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Rome. He wrote and studied literature as a child and found music through the bossa nova compositions of Tom Jobim and João Gilberto. He performed as a singer and guitarist the 1960s as well as writing a play that was deemed dangerous by the Brazilian military dictatorship of the time. Buarque, along with several Tropicalist and MPB musicians, was threatened by the Brazilian military government and eventually left Brazil for Italy in 1969. However, he came back to Brazil in 1970, and continued to record, perform, and write, though much of his material was suppressed by government censors. He released several more albums in the 1980s and published three novels in the 1990s and 2000s. In 2019, Buarque was awarded the Camões Prize, the most important prize for literature in the Portuguese language.
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Leite Derramado

book by Chico Buarque

author: Chico Buarque



book by Chico Buarque

author: Chico Buarque



book by Chico Buarque

author: Chico Buarque

Fazenda Modelo

book by Chico Buarque

author: Chico Buarque

Gota d'Água

boek van Chico Buarque

author: Chico Buarque, Paulo Pontes


Roda Viva

play written by Chico Buarque

author: Chico Buarque


book by Chico Buarque

author: Chico Buarque

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