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Edogawa Ranpo

Japanese writer

1894   -   1965

country of citizenship: Japan
native language: Japanese
language of expression: Japanese
educated at: Waseda University
occupation: writer, novelist, screenwriter, literary critic, science fiction writer
award received: Medal with Purple Ribbon
influenced by: Shunrō Oshikawa, Shuroku Kuroiwa

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Tarō Hirai (平井 太郎, Hirai Tarō, October 21, 1894 – July 28, 1965), better known by the pseudonym Edogawa Ranpo (江戸川 乱歩), also romanized as Edogawa Rampo, was a Japanese author and critic who played a major role in the development of Japanese mystery fiction. Many of his novels involve the detective hero Kogoro Akechi, who in later books was the leader of a group of boy detectives known as the "Boy Detectives Club" (少年探偵団, Shōnen tantei dan). Ranpo was an admirer of Western mystery writers, and especially of Edgar Allan Poe. His pen name is a rendering of Poe's name. Other authors who were special influences on him were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whom he attempted to translate into Japanese during his days as a student at Waseda University, and the Japanese mystery writer Ruikō Kuroiwa.
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Black Lizard

1968 film by Kinji Fukasaku

author: Yukio Mishima, Edogawa Ranpo
screenwriter: Edogawa Ranpo
illustrator: Kōji Fukiya

1968 or 1969

Strange Tale of Panorama Island

1926 novella by Edogawa Ranpo

author: Edogawa Ranpo



book by Edogawa Rampo

author: Edogawa Ranpo


The Human Chair

short story by Edogawa Rampo

author: Edogawa Ranpo


Shinri Shiken

work of Edogawa Ranpo

author: Edogawa Ranpo



book by Edogawa Rampo

author: Edogawa Ranpo


book by Edogawa Rampo

author: Edogawa Ranpo


La Chenille

manga de Suehiro Maruo

author: Edogawa Ranpo


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