Aulus Hirtius

Roman historian, politician and soldier

1989   -   2043

country of citizenship: ancient Rome
language of expression: Latin
occupation: Ancient Roman historian, poet, Ancient Roman politician, Ancient Roman military personnel
position held: Ancient Roman senator, Roman consul

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Aulus Hirtius (Latin: [ˈau̯lʊs ˈhɪrtɪ.ʊs]; c. 90 – 43 BC) was consul of the Roman Republic in 43 BC and a writer on military subjects. He was killed during his consulship in battle against Mark Antony at the Battle of Mutina.
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Commentarii de Bello Gallico

Commentary on Galic wars by Julius Caesar. Considered a prime book on military strategy.

author: Aulus Hirtius, Julius Caesar

1957 or 2048

De Bello Gallico Liber VIII

work by Aulus Hirtius

author: Aulus Hirtius


work by Aulus Hirtius

author: Aulus Hirtius

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