Cosmas Indicopleustes

griechischer Schriftsteller und Reisender

599   -   549

country of citizenship: Byzantine Empire
language of expression: Ancient Greek
occupation: explorer, astronomer, writer, geographer

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Cosmas Indicopleustes (Koinē Greek: Κοσμᾶς Ἰνδικοπλεύστης, lit. 'Cosmas who sailed to India'; also known as Cosmas the Monk) was a Greek merchant and later hermit from Alexandria of Egypt. He was a 6th-century traveller, who made several voyages to India during the reign of emperor Justinian. His work Christian Topography contained some of the earliest and most famous world maps. Cosmas was a pupil of the East Syriac Patriarch Aba I and was himself a follower of the Church of the East.
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Christian Topography

one of the earliest essays in scientific geography written by a Christian author

author: Cosmas Indicopleustes

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