Zeng Pu

Chinese writer

1872   -   1935

country of citizenship: Qing dynasty, Republic of China
occupation: writer, translator, journalist

Zeng Pu (simplified Chinese: 曾朴; traditional Chinese: 曾樸; pinyin: Zēng Pǔ; Wade–Giles: Tseng P'u; 1872-1935) was a Chinese novelist. Zeng Pu published a scholarly work on the later Han Dynasty in 1895. He later enrolled in the College of Foreign Languages in Beijing to learn the French language. Zeng Pu returned to Jiangsu in 1898 and built a school. In 1903 he began a business in Shanghai. The business failed. He returned to his focus in literature. Zeng Pu was a Francophile.
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