Avksenty Tsagareli cover

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Avksenty Tsagareli

Georgian playwright

1857   -   1902

country of citizenship: Russian Empire
occupation: actor, playwright

Avksenty Tsagareli (Georgian: ავქსენტი ცაგარელი; Russian: Авксентий Цагарели) (February 9, 1857 – August 12, 1902) was a Georgian playwright particularly known for his comedies. He was described in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia as "one of the finest representatives of realistic drama."Tsagareli was born in the village of Digomi (near Tbilisi) and initially studied at a seminary. He worked as an actor from 1878 to 1883 (the period when one of his best known plays, Khanuma, was first staged) and then as an employee of the Transcaucasian Railroad until 1899. In the last two years of his life, he worked as a stage director in Tbilisi, where he died at the age of 45. Tsagareli was married to the Georgian actress Nato Gabunia (1859–1910).
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пьеса Цагарели

author: Avksenty Tsagareli


რაც გინახავს, ვეღარ ნახავ

ავქსენტი ცაგარელის 1878 წლის პიესა

author: Avksenty Tsagareli

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