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David Chalmers

Australian philosopher and cognitive scientist

1966   -  

movement: atheism
country of citizenship: Australia
language of expression: English
educated at: Lincoln College, University of Adelaide, Indiana University, Indiana University Bloomington
occupation: philosopher, university teacher
award received: Jean Nicod Prize, AAAS Fellow, Rhodes Scholarship, Barwise Prize
influenced by: Bertrand Russell, Douglas Hofstadter

David John Chalmers (; born 20 April 1966) is an Australian philosopher and cognitive scientist specializing in the areas of philosophy of mind and philosophy of language. He is a Professor of Philosophy and Neural Science at New York University, as well as co-director of NYU's Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness (along with Ned Block). In 2013, he was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.He is the cofounder of PhilPapers (a database of journal articles for professionals and students in philosophy) along with David Bourget.
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The Conscious Mind

philosophy book by David Chalmers

author: David Chalmers


The character of consciousness

author: David Chalmers



The Extended Mind ( 1998 )

scientific article

author: Andy Clark, David Chalmers

Does a rock implement every finite-state automaton? ( 1996 )

scientific article (publication date: September 1996)

author: David Chalmers

Why Isn't There More Progress in Philosophy? ( 2014 )

wetenschappelijk artikel

author: David Chalmers

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