Gorky Park

date of publication:  1981-03
genre:  crime novel
part of the series:  Arkady Renko octology
original title:  Gorky Park
language:  English
followed by:  Polar Star

Gorky Park is a 1981 crime novel written by American author Martin Cruz Smith.Set in the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Gorky Park is the first book in a series featuring the character Arkady Renko, a Moscow homicide investigator. Two subsequent books, Polar Star and Red Square, are also set during the Soviet era. Five further books take place after the fall of the Soviet Union. These are Havana Bay, set in communist Cuba; Wolves Eat Dogs, which follows Renko in the disaster of Chernobyl; Stalin's Ghost, in which Arkady returns to a Russia led by Vladimir Putin; Three Stations; and Tatiana.Gorky Park was a major best-seller, vaulting Smith to fame after a decade as a moderately successful professional author. The novel was adapted into a successful 1983 film of the same name. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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