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Li Dazhao

co-founder of the Chinese Communist Party (1888-1927)

1889   -   1927

country of citizenship: Qing dynasty, Republic of China
languages spoken, written or signed: Chinese
educated at: Waseda University
occupation: politician, librarian
award received: 100 heroes and model figures who have made outstanding contributions to the founding of New China

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Li Dazhao or Li Ta-chao (October 29, 1889 – April 28, 1927) was a Chinese intellectual and revolutionary who participated in the New Cultural Movement in the early years of the Republic of China, established in 1912. He co-founded the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with Chen Duxiu in July 1921. He helped build a united front between the CCP and Sun Yat-sen's Nationalist Party (KMT) in early 1924. During the Northern Expedition, Li was arrested and then executed by warlord Zhang Zuolin in Beijing in 1927.
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    • 再论问题与主义

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      author: Li Dazhao

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