Carlo Emilio Gadda cover

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Carlo Emilio Gadda

writer from Italy

1893   -   1973

genre: novel
country of citizenship: Italy, Kingdom of Italy
language of expression: Italian
educated at: Politecnico di Milano
occupation: poet, writer, engineer, politician
award received: Viareggio Prize, Bagutta Prize, Feltrinelli Prize, Prix Formentor

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Carlo Emilio Gadda (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkarlo eˈmiːljo ˈɡadda]; November 14, 1893 – May 21, 1973) was an Italian writer and poet. He belongs to the tradition of the language innovators, writers that played with the somewhat stiff standard pre-war Italian language, and added elements of dialects, technical jargon and wordplay.
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The Experience of Pain

book by Carlo Emilio Gadda

author: Carlo Emilio Gadda


La meccanica

1970 novel written by Carlo Emilio Gadda

author: Carlo Emilio Gadda


Verso la Certosa

raccolta di scritti di Carlo Emilio Gadda

author: Carlo Emilio Gadda


Acquainted With Grief

author: Carlo Emilio Gadda

Le Château d'Udine

author: Carlo Emilio Gadda

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