Mór Jókai cover

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Mór Jókai

Hungarian writer (1825-1904)

1825   -   1904

country of citizenship: Hungary
language of expression: Hungarian
occupation: writer, playwright, politician, journalist
position held: member of the National Assembly of Hungary

Móric Jókay de Ásva ([ˈmoːr ˈjoːkɒi], known as Mór Jókai; 18 February 1825 – 5 May 1904), outside Hungary also known as Maurus Jokai or Mauritius Jókai, was a Hungarian nobleman, novelist, dramatist and revolutionary. He was active participant and a leading personality in the outbreak of Hungarian Liberal Revolution of 1848 in Pest. Jókai's romantic novels became very popular among the elite of Victorian era England; he was often compared to Dickens in the 19th century British press. One of his most famous fans and admirers was Queen Victoria herself.
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Egy magyar nábob

novel by Mór Jókai

author: Mór Jókai


Poor Plutocrats

Hungarian novel written by Mór Jókai published in 1860, translated into English by R. Nisbet Bain in 1899

author: Mór Jókai


A cigánybáró


author: Mór Jókai


Nincsen ördög

1891 novel

author: Mór Jókai


A barátfalvi lévita

1898 novel

author: Mór Jókai


Kárpáthy Zoltán

1854 novel written by Mór Jókai

author: Mór Jókai


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