Interview with History


Interview with History (Intervista con la storia in Italian) is a book consisting of interviews by the Italian journalist and author Oriana Fallaci (1929–2006), one of the most controversial interviewers of her time. She interviewed many world leaders of the time. Interviews with sixteen leaders appeared in this book and in the following order of presentation: Henry Kissinger Ngyen Van Thieu General Giap Golda Meir Yasser Arafat Hussein of Jordan Indira Gandhi Ali Bhutto Willy Brandt Pietro Nenni Mohammed Riza Pahlavi Helder Camara Archbishop Makarios Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Alexandros Panagoulis
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original title: Intervista con la storia
date of publication: 1974
genre: essay
main subject: journalistic interview
followed by: Letter to a Child Never Born

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