James I. Kirkland

American paleontologist

1954   -  

country of citizenship: United States of America
educated at: University of Colorado Boulder
occupation: paleontologist, pathologist

James Ian Kirkland (born August 24, 1954) is an American paleontologist and geologist. He has worked with dinosaur remains from the south west United States of America and Mexico and has been responsible for discovering new and important genera. He named (or worked with others in naming) Animantarx, Cedarpelta, Eohadrosaurus (nomen nudum, now named Eolambia), Jeyawati, Gastonia, Mymoorapelta, Nedcolbertia, Utahraptor, Zuniceratops, Europelta and Diabloceratops. At the same site where he found Gastonia and Utahraptor, Kirkland has also excavated fossils of the therizinosaurs Nothronychus and Falcarius.
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First Frontier

Book by Diane Carey and James Kirkland, from 1995

author: Diane Carey, James I. Kirkland

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