Me’ma and the Great Mountain


Me’ma and the Great Mountain is a Weird West juvenile fiction novel by Lorin Morgan-Richards about an Indigenous girl named Me’ma who lives in an oppressed village called Sunken Creek. The primary antagonist in the story, Baron Von Nickle, commands his army to forcibly remove the villagers, leading Me’ma to flee but without the aid of her grandfather and wolf Bright Eye. Escaping the attack with only her dolls, Xetacu and Tchesue, Me’ma begins her journey bringing to focus her extraordinary ability to communicate with the spirit world. Along her path she confronts ghoulish characters, reacquaints with her wolf, and is carefully guided by unusual animals that try to help her overcome her fears and battle the Baron. The book includes a foreword by Oglala Lakota educator Corine Fairbanks who writes on the worldwide genocide of Indigenous people and the effects of industrialization, a common theme in Richards work.Me’ma and the Great Mountain is the first book in the Great Mountain series that introduces the characters and features of the land including The Goodbye Family.
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original title: Me’ma and the Great Mountain
language: English
date of publication: 2012
genre: Weird West, children's literature
characters: The Goodbye Family

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