The Man Who Never Was


The Man Who Never Was is a 1953 book by Ewen Montagu about the World War II Operation Mincemeat. Montagu played a leading role in the 1943 scheme to deceive the Germans about the planned Allied invasion of Sicily. Montagu's work formed the basis for a 1956 film by the same title. The scheme entailed releasing a dead body just off the coast of Spain, where strong currents caused it to drift ashore in an area where a skilled German secret agent was known to operate. The corpse was to appear to be the victim of an airplane crash, the non-existent Royal Marine Major William Martin, who had letters in a briefcase that hint at a forthcoming Allied invasion of Greece and Sardinia, rather than the obvious target of Sicily.
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original title: The Man Who Never Was, L'Homme qui n'a jamais existé
date of publication: 1953

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