Our Lady of the Rosary University cover

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

Our Lady of the Rosary University

private university in Bogotá, Colombia

date of foundation: 1653

Universidad del Rosario (officially in Spanish: Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario) is a Colombian university founded on Roman Catholic principles, in 1653 by Fray Cristobal de Torres. Located in Bogotá, due to its important place in Colombian history, it is known as "the Cradle of the Republic". Most faculties reside at the Cloister, the main campus located in the historic-geographical centre of Bogotá. It also included a private all-male traditional primary and secondary school until 2008. Nowadays the institution is based on secular ideas and remains very influential in Colombian culture and public life. At least 28 of Colombia's Presidents have been students of this university. It has influenced and participated in very important transitional processes like the revolution for the independence from Spain and the drafting of the Political National Constitution of 1991. One of the most important 1886 Constitution's Supreme Court (1936), the so-called golden court, was composed in its majority by lawyers from the Faculty of Jurisprudence.
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