Wiedza Powszechna

date of foundation:  1947
official website:  www.wiedza.pl

Wiedza Powszechna (literally "Common Knowledge") is a publishing house in Poland.It originated in 1946 in Post World War II Poland as a subdivision of the Czytelnik publishing house, initiated by Stanisław Tazbir.In 1952, with the major rearrangement of the state, which officially became the Polish People's Republic, the government created a separate State Publishing House known as the Wiedza Powszechna, whose full name was Państwowe Wydawnictwo: Wiedza Powszechna (English, "State Publishing House of Common Knowledge") or the Wiedza Powszechna: Państwowe Wydawnictwo Popularno-Naukowe (English, "State-Owned Popular Science Publishing House"). It became a major publisher specializing in dictionaries (vocabularies, encyclopedic dictionaries, etc., language textbooks, phrase books, etc., both for Polish and foreign languages, as well as popular science books in various areas.In 2007 it was privatized into a sp. z o.o. (Polish equivalent of limited liability company, which went bankrupt in 2011 In 2012 it was reestablished in Warsaw as Wydawnictwo Wiedza Powszechna (Wiedza Powszechna Publishing House), specializing in foreign language dictionaries and textbooks. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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