Ali Al-Kourani cover

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Ali Al-Kourani

Shia cleric

1944   -  

country of citizenship: Iran
occupation: writer

Ali al-Kourani (Arabic: علي الكوراني‎) is a Lebanese Shia cleric. He was born in 1944 in Yater In Jabal Amel, migrating to Najaf, Iraq to study in a hawza in 1958. In 1967, Grand Ayatollah Muhsin al-Hakim sent him to Kuwait to educate Shia people. He returned to Lebanon in 1974, and established a mosque and a hospital. He lived in Lebanon until 1980. After the Islamic Revolution in Iran, he moved to Qom, Iran. He established center of Fiqhi Lexicon (Arabic: معجم فقهى‎) and Mustafa Center for Religious Studies (Arabic: مرکز المصطفى للدراسات الدینیه‎) in Qom
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عصر الظهور

كتاب من تأليف علي الكوراني

author: Ali Al-Kourani

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