Yu Dafu cover

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Yu Dafu

Chinese writer

1896   -   1945

country of citizenship: Qing dynasty, Republic of China 1912–1949
native language: Chinese
language of expression: Chinese
educated at: University of Tokyo, Zhejiang University
occupation: writer, poet

Yu Dafu (December 7, 1896 – September 17, 1945) was a modern Chinese short story writer and poet. He was one of the new literary group initiators, and this new literary group was named Chuangzao she (創造社, Creation Society). His literary masterpieces include Chenlun (沈淪, Sinking), Chunfeng chenzui de wanshang (春風沈醉的晚上, Intoxicating Spring Nights), Guoqu (過去, The Past), Chuben (出奔, Flight) and so on. Yu Dafu's literary works' writing style and main themes profoundly influenced a group of young writers and formed a spectacular romantic trend in Chinese literature in the 1920s and 1930s. He died in the Japanese-occupied Dutch East Indies, likely executed.
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short story by Yu Dafu

author: Yu Dafu

Nine Diaries

book by Yu Dafu

author: Yu Dafu


qijue written by Yu Dafu

author: Yu Dafu

Gaoting Mountains

essay by Yu Dafu

author: Yu Dafu


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