Studies in the Psychology of Sex Vol. 1 cover

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Studies in the Psychology of Sex Vol. 1


Studies in the Psychology of Sex Vol. 2 is a book published in 1900 written by Havelock Ellis (1859–1939), an English physician, writer and social reformer. The book deals with the phenomenon of sexual inversion, a contemporary term for homosexuality. It is part of Ellis' seven-volume series Studies in the psychology of sex. The book has seven chapters describing the prevalence, nature and theories in the 19th century about sexual inversion in men and women. Various case studies are presented and discussed. Ellis recognised a need to address the topic of sexual inversion especially in England: ... in England, more than in any other country, the law and public opinion combine to place a heavy penal burden and a severe social stigma on the manifestations of an instinct which to these persons who possess it frequently appears natural and normal. However, the publication of the book was suppressed in England at first and it was published in the United States instead.
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original title: Studies in the Psychology of Sex Vol. 1
date of publication: 1900
main subject: psychology, human sexuality

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