Iakov Sverdlov Communist University

The Sverdlov Communist University was a school for Soviet activists in Moscow, founded in 1918 as the Central School for Soviet and Party Work. After the death of the Bolshevik leader Yakov Sverdlov, the institution was named after him. Its founding rector was Vladimir Nevsky.The curriculum was more concerned with the speedy training of party militants rather than in developing any depth of knowledge. Many of the intake had had little formal education however literacy was an entry requirement. However there was a Rabfak attached where prospective entrants could receive some preparatory education. Sverdlov was working on developing these courses at the time of his death. When it opened several week later on 1 June 1919, it was named in his honour.The main reason for the creation of the institution was the delivery of the "Short Courses" which could be completed in 10–14 days. These were concerned with basic training in propaganda work.
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