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The Ministry of Justice (Finnish: oikeusministeriö, Swedish: justitieministeriet) is one of the 12 ministries which comprise the Finnish Government. Headed by the Minister of Justice, it is responsible for maintaining the legal safeguards necessary for the successful operation of democracy and fundamental rights of the inhabitants of Finland.The ministry's budget for 2018 is €940,743,000. It has 261 direct employees.The drafting of the most central laws, the functioning of the judicial system, and the enforcement of sentences belong to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice. Sentences are enforced by the Criminal Sanctions Agency (Finnish: Rikosseuraamuslaitos, Swedish: Brottspåföljdsmyndigheten), which administers the country's imprisonment and rehabilitation system. The Ministry of Justice of Finland might oversee the administration of justice in Åland. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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