Sergey Nechayev

1847 - 1882
human image - Sergey Nechayev

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

movement:  nihilism
country of citizenship:  Russian Empire
languages spoken, written or signed:  Russian

Sergey Gennadiyevich Nechayev (Russian: Серге́й Генна́диевич Неча́ев) (2 October [O.S. 20 September] 1847 – 3 December [O.S. 21 November] 1882) was a Russian communist revolutionary and prominent figure of the Russian nihilist movement, known for his single-minded pursuit of revolution by any means necessary, including revolutionary terror. He was the author of the radical Catechism of a Revolutionary. Nechayev fled Russia in 1869 after having been involved in the murder of a former comrade. Complicated relationships with fellow revolutionaries caused him to be expelled from the International Workingmen's Association. Arrested in Switzerland in 1872, he was extradited back to Russia where he received a twenty-year sentence and died in prison. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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