Qi Jiguang cover

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Qi Jiguang

Ming Dynasty general

1527   -   1588

country of citizenship: Ming dynasty
occupation: soldier

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Qi Jiguang (November 12, 1528 – January 17, 1588), courtesy name Yuanjing, art names Nantang and Mengzhu, posthumous name Wuyi, was a military general of the Ming dynasty. He is best known for leading the defense on the coastal regions against wokou pirate activities in the 16th century, as well as for the reinforcement of the Great Wall of China. Qi is also known for writing the military manuals Jixiao Xinshu and Record of Military Training (練兵實紀), which he based on his experience as a martial educator and defensive planner in the Ming military forces. He is regarded as a hero in Chinese culture.
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book by Qi Jiguang

author: Qi Jiguang


poem written by Qi Jiguang

author: Qi Jiguang

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