Jean Rousset de Missy

1686 - 1762
human image - Jean Rousset de Missy

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

languages spoken, written or signed:  French

Jean Rousset de Missy (Laon, 26 August 1686–Uithoorn?, 13 August, 1762) was a French Huguenot writer, from early in life in the Netherlands. He was a renowned historian and author on international law and a prolific journalist. Born in Laon from Protestant parents (Jean Rousset and Rachel Cottin), he studied at the Collège du Plessis in Paris. After a conflict with his stepmother he joined the Dutch States Army during the War of the Spanish Succession and was present at the Battle of Malplaquet (1709). In 1724 (after having founded and led a school for aristocratic boys in The Hague), he started his activities as a professional journalist. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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