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Simon Singh

British author

1964   -  

genre: popular science
country of citizenship: United Kingdom
educated at: Emmanuel College, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge
occupation: writer, physicist, science outreach, journalist
award received: Member of the Order of the British Empire, Kelvin Prize, Lilavati Award, Fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

Simon Lehna Singh, (born 19 September 1964) is a British popular science author, theoretical and particle physicist whose works largely contain a strong mathematical element. His written works include Fermat's Last Theorem (in the United States titled Fermat's Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World's Greatest Mathematical Problem), The Code Book (about cryptography and its history), Big Bang (about the Big Bang theory and the origins of the universe), Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial (about complementary and alternative medicine, co-written by Edzard Ernst) and The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets (about mathematical ideas and theorems hidden in episodes of The Simpsons and Futurama). In 2012 Singh founded the Good Thinking Society.Singh has also produced documentaries and works for television to accompany his books, is a trustee of NESTA and the National Museum of Science and Industry, a patron of Humanists UK, founder of the Good Thinking Society, and co-founder of the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme.
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The Code Book

book by Simon Singh

author: Simon Singh


Big Bang

popular science book by Simon Singh

author: Simon Singh


Trick or Treatment

book by Simon Singh

author: Simon Singh, Edzard Ernst


Fermat's Last Theorem

non-fiction book by Simon Singh

author: Simon Singh


Fermats letzter Satz

author: Simon Singh, Klaus Fritz

Homers letzter Satz

author: Simon Singh, Sigrid Schmid

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