Hilary of Poitiers

Bishop of Poitiers

315   -   367

country of citizenship: ancient Rome
occupation: theologian, priest, philosopher, writer
position held: bishop

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Hilary of Poitiers (Latin: Hilarius; c. 310 – c. 367) was Bishop of Poitiers and is a Doctor of the Church. He was sometimes referred to as the "Hammer of the Arians" (Latin: Malleus Arianorum) and the "Athanasius of the West." His name comes from the Latin word for happy or cheerful. His optional memorial in the General Roman Calendar is 13 January. In the past, when this date was occupied by the Octave Day of the Epiphany, his feast day was moved to 14 January.
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De Trinitate

book by Hilary of Poitiers

author: Hilary of Poitiers


Fragmenta historica

book by Hilarius van Poitiers

author: Hilary of Poitiers

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