The Secret Pilgrim

first publication date:  1990
part of the series:  George Smiley series
series ordinal:  8
original title:  The Secret Pilgrim
original language:  English
follows:  The Russia House
followed by:  The Night Manager

The Secret Pilgrim is a 1990 episodic novel by British writer John le Carré, set within the frame narrative of an informal dinner talk given at the spy-training school in Sarratt by George Smiley. As Smiley talks, the first-person narrator, whom readers know only as "Ned", recalls his own experiences in a long career in the service. The various episodes are triggered by comments from Smiley, which send Ned into tangential memories. The individual stories together create a portrait of Ned himself, moving from the start of his career at the beginning of the novel to his retirement in the final chapter. Several of the episodes are recognisable anecdotes or urban legends from the British intelligence community. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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