Francesco Guicciardini cover

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Francesco Guicciardini

Italian writer, historian and politician (1483-1540)

1483   -   1540

languages spoken, written or signed: Italian, Latin, Greek
educated at: University of Padua
occupation: historian, politician, writer, diplomat, philosopher
student of: Marcello Adriani, Filippo Decio, Carlo Ruini, Francesco Pepi

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Francesco Guicciardini (Italian: [franˈtʃesko ɡwittʃarˈdiːni]; 6 March 1483 – 22 May 1540) was an Italian historian and statesman. A friend and critic of Niccolò Machiavelli, he is considered one of the major political writers of the Italian Renaissance. In his masterpiece, The History of Italy, Guicciardini paved the way for a new style in historiography with his use of government sources to support arguments and the realistic analysis of the people and events of his time.
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