Edward Bellamy cover

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Edward Bellamy

American author and socialist

1850   -   1898

genre: romance novel
country of citizenship: United States of America
educated at: Union College
occupation: writer, novelist, journalist, science fiction writer

Edward Bellamy (March 26, 1850 – May 22, 1898) was an American author and socialist, most famous for his utopian novel, Looking Backward, a tale set in the distant future of the year 2000. Bellamy's vision of a harmonious future world inspired the formation of at least 165 "Nationalist Clubs" dedicated to the propagation of Bellamy's political ideas and working to make them a practical reality.
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Looking Backward

novel by Edward Bellamy

author: Edward Bellamy


Dr. Heidenhoff's Process

book by Edward Bellamy

author: Edward Bellamy



novel by Edward Bellamy

author: Edward Bellamy


To Whom This May Come

Short story by American author Edward Bellamy.1889

author: Edward Bellamy


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