Liu Xiang cover

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Liu Xiang

Chinese government official, scholar and writer

1976   -   2001

country of citizenship: Western Han Dynasty
language of expression: Chinese
occupation: poet, historian, philosopher, writer, astronomer, politician, librarian

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Liu Xiang (77–6 BCE), born Liu Gengsheng and bearing the courtesy name Zizheng, was a Chinese astronomer, poet, politician, historian, librarian and writer of the Western Han Dynasty. Among his polymathic scholarly specialties were history, literary bibliography, and astronomy. He is particularly well known for his bibliographic work in cataloging and editing the extensive imperial library.
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Zhan Guo Ce

Ancient Chinese text noting the events of the Chinese warring states period

author: Su Qin, Liu Xiang

Shuo Yuan

literair werk

author: Liu Xiang


literair werk

author: Liu Xiang

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