A Divine Looking-Glass


A Divine Looking-Glass was written and first published in 1656 by John Reeve, an English prophet. A second edition, revised by Lodowicke Muggleton, was published in 1661 and from this a fifth edition (with more modern scriptural quotations) was published in 1846. It claims to be a work of holy writ and is seen to be so in Muggletonianism. Specifically, it is part of the 'Third and Last Testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ'. The first two testaments are the Mosaic law and the gospels of Christ's apostles. In the scriptural style, Reeve's book is divided into chapter and verse. "I, John Reeve, am the last commissionated prophet that ever shall declare divine secrets" (46.3). He received his commission from God "to the hearing of the ear as a man speaks to his friend" (23.22) in February 1651. There were no visions or ecstasies. This commission identifies Reeve and his cousin, Lodowicke Muggleton, as the Two Witnesses referred to in the Book of Revelation at chapter 11 verse 3. The context means that both men saw themselves as given a power from God to expound scripture, God now decreeing the world to be ready to learn more of the divine secrets as the end of time draws near. This contrasts with a more usual prophetic tendency of the 1650s to identify the prophet as messenger, with the 'angel with a book' in chapter 10 of Revelation.
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