Ennius cover

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Roman writer

239   -   169

country of citizenship: Ancient Rome
language of expression: Latin
occupation: poet, playwright, writer, historian, annalist

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Quintus Ennius (Latin pronunciation: [ˈkᶣiːnt̪ʊs̺ ˈɛnːijʊs̺]; c. 239 – c. 169 BC) was a writer and poet who lived during the Roman Republic. He is often considered the father of Roman poetry. He was born in Rudiae, formerly a small town located near modern Lecce in the heel of Italy (ancient Calabria, today Salento), and could speak Oscan as well as Latin and Greek. Although only fragments of his works survive, his influence in Latin literature was significant, particularly in his use of Greek literary models.
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Annales (Ennius)

poema epico scritto dall'autore latino Quinto Ennio

author: Ennius


latina verko de Ennio

author: Ennius


opera perduta di Ennio

author: Ennius


Poem of Quinto Ennio about Scipio the African

author: Ennius


play written by Ennius

author: Ennius


epigram written by Ennius

author: Ennius

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