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Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco

Ecuadorian writer and diplomat

1908   -   1993

genre: novel, essay
country of citizenship: Ecuador
language of expression: Spanish
occupation: writer, historian, journalist, diplomat
award received: Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown, Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, Legion of Honour, Grand Cross of the Order of the Sun of Peru‎, Premio Eugenio Espejo
position held: Deputy of the National Congress of Ecuador

Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco (October 12, 1908 – May 1, 1993) — born Alfredo Pareja y Díez Canseco — was a prominent Ecuadorian novelist, essayist, journalist, historian and diplomat. An innovator of the 20th-century Latin American novel, he was a founding member of the literary Grupo de Guayaquil ("Group of Guayaquil"). The government of President Jaime Roldós Aguilera (1979–81) appointed him Chancellor of the Republic and he served as Foreign Minister of Ecuador (1979–80) and Ambassador to France (1983–84).
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novel by Alfredo Pareja Díez Canseco

author: Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco


Las tres ratas

novel by Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco

author: Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco


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