Attack from Atlantis


Attack From Atlantis (1953) is a science fiction novel written by Lester del Rey. The story follows the new U.S.S. Triton submarine on her maiden voyage, but trouble happens when the crew comes face to face with the inhabitants of the underwater city Atlantis. Attack from Atlantis is one of the thirty-five juvenile novels that comprise the Winston Science Fiction set, which were published in the 1950s for a readership of teen-aged boys. The typical protagonist in these books was a boy in his late teens who was proficient in the art of electronics, a hobby that was easily available to the readers. The story is set partly on the atomic powered submarine Triton. In the foreword, titled "Land Under the Sea", the author, although not a proper scientist, mentions the first real-life atomic sub: "The Nautilus is already being built. And just as this is being written, word has come that the first tests of an atomic power plant for the ship have been successful" (ix). Del Rey spends quite some time in his novel trying to explain the difference between the engine on the real nuclear submarine of the USS_Nautilus and that of his own, fictional U.S.S. Triton.
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original title: Attack from Atlantis
language: English
date of publication: 1953
genre: science fiction novel


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