Baba of Karo


Baba of Karo is a 1954 book by the anthropologist Mary F. Smith. The book is an anthropological record of the Hausa people, partly compiled from an oral account given by Baba (1877-1951), the daughter of a Hausa farmer and Koranic teacher. Baba's reports were translated by Smith.Smith's husband, the anthropologist M. G. Smith, contributed an explanation of the Hausa's cultural context.The 1981 reissue of Baba of Karo contains a foreword by Hilda Kuper. An extract from the book is included in the 1992 anthology Daughters of Africa.Baba of Karo's autobiography helped document Nigerian history through a woman's perspective. Not only does Baba depict her own experiences, but she tells stories of important women who were close to her. Recording these experiences was a great feat because Nigerian women were largely undocumented. Baba of Karo's autobiography covers many issues such as prostitution, childbirth, marriage, and life in the compounds in which she lived.
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original title: Baba of Karo
date of publication: 1954

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