Billy and the Boingers Bootleg

first publication date:  1987-08
genre:  comedy
original title:  Billy and the Boingers Bootleg
original language:  English

Billy and the Boingers Bootleg is the fifth collection of the comic strip series Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed. It was published in 1987. It is preceded by Bloom County Babylon and followed by Tales Too Ticklish to Tell. Prior to publication, Breathed announced a contest to solicit original song submissions as if written by or for the in-comic heavy metal rock group, "Billy and the Boingers". The first-place winner's song, "I'm A Boinger", was included in the book on the A-side of a flexi disc. The second-place winner, "U-Stink-But-I-♥-U", was on the B-side. "U-Stink-But-I-♥-U" was performed by New Jersey hardcore band Mucky Pup, who also rerecorded the song for their second album, A Boy In A Man's World. The track remains the band's signature song and is still played live to close out their shows. The cover artwork contains parodies of the covers of two of the best-selling rock albums in 1986/87: the front cover is a send-up of Bruce Springsteen's box set Live/1975–85; the back cover includes a spoof of U2's The Joshua Tree (the original blurry/"narrow-heads" version of the cover; the spoof deliberately imitates these traits). In both cases, the band member(s) in the original artwork were substituted with members of Billy and the Boingers. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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