Dongui Bogam


The Dongui Bogam (동의보감) is a Korean book compiled by the royal physician, Heo Jun (1539 – 1615) and was first published in 1613 during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. The title literally means “a priceless book about medicines of an Eastern Country”. The word "Eastern" is not the antonym to the Western World's 'Western', but Heo Jun gave the book such a name because Eastern Country was one of the sobriquets of Korea. The book is regarded as important in traditional Korean medicine, and is one of the classics of Oriental medicine today. As of July 2009, it is on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme. The original edition of Dongui Bogam is currently preserved by the Korean National Library. The original was written in Hanja and only part of it was transcribed in Korean for wide reading use, as only officials understood in Hanmun. It was translated to English in 2013.
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original title: 東醫寶鑑
date of publication: 1613

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