Kim Manjung cover

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Kim Manjung

Korean novelist and politician

1637   -   1692

country of citizenship: Joseon
occupation: writer

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Gim Manjung (1637–1692) was a Korean novelist and politician of the mid-Joseon period. He was the great grandson of Gim Jangsaeng and grandnephew of Gim Jip, eminent Neo-Confucian scholars of the Joseon period. He was the son of Kim Ikgyeom (김익겸, 金益兼) and his mother was from the Haepyeong Yun clan (해평윤씨, 海平尹氏). His father died during the Second Manchu invasion of Korea (병자호란, 丙子胡亂) before he was born and his mother as a single parent raised him and his brother Gim Mangi (김만기, 金萬基).
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The Cloud Dream of the Nine

Korean-language novella

author: Kim Manjung


The Southern Banishment of Lady Sa

Korean-language novel by Kim Manjung; a roman à clef about the banishment of Queen Inhyeon

author: Kim Manjung

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