Brothers (兄弟, Xiōngdì) is a novel by the Chinese author Yu Hua which was originally published in August 2005 by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House. The book was translated into English by Eileen Cheng-yin Chow and Carlos Rojas, Spanish in 2009, and into Brazilian Portuguese and Hungarian (by János SZÉKY) in 2010. Brothers is considered to be one of Yu Hua's masterpieces.The novel intertwines tragedy and comedy, and Yu Hua himself admits that the novel is personally his favourite literary work. Divided into two parts (Part 1 and Part 2), the novel is about two brothers, Baldy Li (李光头) and Song Gang (宋钢), and the collapse of their family during the Cultural Revolution. Labelled as a social novel of late 20th century by The New York Times, Brothers deals with the Cultural Revolution and the emergence of Chinese economic reform, which are prevalent within the story plot. Brothers has experienced great success, shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize and awarded France's Prix Courrier International in 2008 and has sold nearly one million copies in China. It is the longest novel written by Yu Hua. It has over 180 thousand characters in Chinese, well over the 100 thousand characters originally planned for the book. The novel was then split into two volumes with a total of 51 chapters in Chinese. In July 2010, Brothers was combined into one single book and published by the Writers Publishing House.
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date of publication: 2005
genre: novel
main subject: orphan

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