Khirbet Khizeh


Khirbet Khizeh (or Hirbet Hizeh or Hirbet Hizah, Hebrew: חִרְבֶּת חִזְעָה) is a historical fiction novel by Israeli writer S. Yizhar which was published in 1949, and deals with the expulsion of the fictional village of Khirbet Hiz'ah, practically representing a depiction of all Arab villages whose inhabitants were expelled during the Israeli war of independence in 1948, events which are known to Palestinians as the Nakba. From 1964 onwards, the book was part of the Israeli high school curriculum.The book was also a best-seller in Israel.The story was later made into a 1978 TV drama on Israeli Channel 1 produced by Ram Loevy, and sparked a public debate in Israel on whether it should be broadcast or not.
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original title: חרבת חזעה
date of publication: 1978
genre: historical novel

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