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Patrick Conley

German-American journalist and media historian

1965   -  

country of citizenship: United States of America, European Union
educated at: Goethe University Frankfurt, University of Valencia, Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Tübingen
occupation: journalist, media historian

باتريك كونلي وهو صحفي ومؤرخ إعلامي ألماني. درسس في مدينة فرانكفورت وبلنسية وبرلين وحصل على درجة الدكتوراه من جامعة توبنغن. عمل مؤلفاً ومحرراً بالأساس في شبكة محطات ARD وكذلك في غرونر + ياهر.
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The Party Journalist

2012 non-fiction book by Patrick Conley

author: Patrick Conley




Twenty-eight Years for a Film ( 1998 )

article about the documentary filmmaker Hans-Dieter Grabe and his five Do Sanh films

author: Patrick Conley

Breaking the Boundaries of Academic Life ( 1996 )

conversation about Ernst Cassirer and the Warburg Library

author: Raymond Klibansky, Patrick Conley

Jean-Christophe Ammann ( 1990 )

conversation about the new Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt, Germany

author: Patrick Conley

Privat-Nachrichten ( 1999 )

Titelstory über den Radiosender berlin aktuell

author: Patrick Conley

Jean-Christophe Ammann ( 1989 )

Gespräch mit dem Direktor des Museums für Moderne Kunst

author: Patrick Conley

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