Cartas Chilenas


Cartas Chilenas (in English: Chilean Letters) is an unfinished series of satirical poems whose authorship is attributed to Luso-Brazilian Neoclassic poet Tomás António Gonzaga. The poems circulated in the city of Vila Rica (present-day Ouro Preto) via pamphlets for several years before the 1789 Minas Conspiracy, but were discontinued after the Conspiracy was dismantled, as Gonzaga was sent to exile in the Island of Mozambique. It is said that the Cartas Chilenas were loosely based on and inspired by Montesquieu's Persian Letters. The poems were compiled for the first time and published in 1863. They were re-edited several times after that, reaching their present form in 1957 thanks to the extensive research of Portuguese philologist Manuel Rodrigues Lapa.
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date of publication: 1863
main subject: satire

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