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Chinese Union Version


The Chinese Union Version (CUV) (Chinese: 和合本; pinyin: héhéběn; Wade–Giles: ho2-ho2-pen3; lit.: 'harmonized/united version') is the predominant translation of the Bible into Chinese used by Chinese Protestants, first published in 1919. The text is now available online. The CUV is currently available in both traditional and simplified Chinese, and is published in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Bible Society, a Bible society affiliated with the United Bible Societies; in Taiwan by the Bible Society in Taiwan, also associated with the United Bible Societies; and in China by Amity Printing Co., Ltd., of the Amity Foundation in Nanjing, related to the China Christian Council and also affiliated with the United Bible Societies. A revision for the CUV, the Revised Chinese Union Version (RCUV) (Chinese: 和合本修訂版; pinyin: héhéběn xiūdìngbǎn; Wade–Giles: ho2-ho2-pen3 hsiu1-ting4-pan3), was completed for the New Testament in 2006, and for the entire Bible in 2010.
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language: Standard Chinese
date of publication: 1919

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