Gallus Anonymus cover

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Gallus Anonymus

Polish chronicler

1066   -   1145

language of expression: Latin
occupation: historian, monk

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Gallus Anonymus (Polonized variant: Gall Anonim) is the name traditionally given to the anonymous author of Gesta principum Polonorum (Deeds of the Princes of the Poles), composed in Latin about 1115. Gallus is generally regarded as the first historian to have described Polish history. His Chronicles are an obligatory text for university courses in Poland's history. Very little is known of the author himself.
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Gesta principum Polonorum

medieval gesta concerned with Duke Bolesław III Wrymouth, his ancestors, and the Polish principality during and before his reign; probably completed in 1112–1118; extant in 3 manuscripts; its anonymous author is traditionally named Gallus (“Irish”)

author: Gallus Anonymus


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