Alain de Benoist cover

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Alain de Benoist

French journalist

1943   -  

movement: degrowth, Nouvelle Droite
country of citizenship: France
native language: French
language of expression: French
educated at: Lycée Montaigne, Lycée Louis-le-Grand
occupation: philosopher, writer, essayist, political activist, political theorist
award received: Prix de l'essai

Alain de Benoist de Gentissart (; French: [də bənwa]; born 11 December 1943), also known as Fabrice Laroche, Robert de Herte and other aliases, is a French journalist and political philosopher, a founding member of the Nouvelle Droite ("New Right"), and the leader of the ethno-nationalist think tank GRECE. Principally influenced by thinkers of the German Conservative Revolution, de Benoist is opposed to Christianity, the rights of man, neoliberalism, representative democracy, egalitarianism; and what he sees as embodying and promoting those values, namely the United States. He theorized the notion of ethnopluralism, a concept which relies on preserving and mutually respecting individual and bordered ethno-cultural regions.His work has been influential with the alt-right movement in the United States, and he presented a lecture on identity at a National Policy Institute conference hosted by Richard B. Spencer; however, he has distanced himself from the movement.
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On Being a Pagan

book by Alain de Benoist

author: Alain de Benoist


Vu de droite

book published in 1977

author: Alain de Benoist

Mémoire vive

author: Alain de Benoist

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