Crab Apple Jelly


Crab Apple Jelly is a 1944 short story collection by Frank O'Connor. It includes the following stories: The Bridal Night Old Fellows The Grand Vizier's Daughters Song Without Words 'The Star That Bids The Shepherd Fold' (alternative title: The Shepherds) The Long Road to Ummera The Miser The House That Johnny Built The New Teacher (alternate title: The Cheapjack) The Luceys Uprooted The Mad LomasneysAccording to the critic Richard Ellmann, "crab apple jelly" was O'Connor's description of the "sweet and tart mixture" he aimed for in his work generally. Ellmann adds, "[O'Connor's] best stories stir those facial muscles which, we are told, are the same for both laughing and weeping."
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genre: short story

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