Fight! Iczer One

Iczer One, known in Japan as Fight! Iczer-1 (戦え!!イクサー1, Tatakae!! Ikusā Wan), is a 1983 sci-fi horror and yuri manga published in the hentai magazine Lemon People. It was created by Aran Rei. In 1985 the story was adapted into a three part Original Video Animation directed by Toshihiro Hirano. The story is of an alien invasion of Earth, which is opposed by Iczer-One and her schoolgirl companion Nagisa. Together they can pilot the Iczer-Robo, a giant humanoid robot. The story features strong body horror. Iczer-1 also featured two "sound novel" dramas released. The first sound novel was released on an LP record, and was based on the first volume of the Iczer-1 manga, entitled Golden Warrior Iczer-One. The second drama CD is a crossover with the anime Dangaioh.
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